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Getting Productivity from Web Site

You have a website, may be during long time you have, or you are planning establish a website.You are now on right place if you want to get more gain after having good designed web site.

With the fundamental informations placed here, you can investigate how you make " product and service promotion" most suitable that is main aim for your web site.



It doesn't mean that your web site attractive and very visitable by about millions of people if your web site designed perfectly. Your web site likes a car. Perfect design likes  a car having very perfect interior and exterior design. But the reality is a car must have perfect projected engine and mechanical construction. If mechanical components are nor suitable and wrong projected , even though it has a perfect designed and elegance exterior wiev, it will broke down may be in a small street. Web sites look like that car, if a web site can move very fastly and feel itself free to atrract people, this web site will achive getting best ranking and top positions on big search engines. %90 of vistors when surfing internet using big search engines if they want to find anything. If you are on top positions on search engines you will be findable  by visitors. A web site is a just couple pages of a server of millions of servers on the world.

Promotion on Internet

For being known web site on internet first it must be found easy.

 The visitors surfing on the net when want to find anything use search engines. If you web site have been submitted on search engines you have chance to be found. But the result of searching on search engines there are millions of pages indexed per keyword. For just one result page page you can see 10 -20 webpages. Usually visitors harry up to find that they want  because of that if they cannot find anything in first couple pages they change their keyword to new search.

If you don't have any record on search engines you won't be indexed not only first pages but also all pages.

Before submittion of search engines you must get your web site profit to search engines.


What the Spiders do ?

The optimization for search engines.

The most important rule is your web page must handle and optimized totally for getting listed in top postions on big search engines before adding your web site to search engines.

All of the search engines use some small softwares to looking around for the web site with  certain periods ( it changes 2 days to 6 months according to engine) that tehese small softs called as "SPIDER".  Each search engines have developed different software to investigate web site. Each spider interest different side of your web site.
As a biggest result of that even you can be indexed top positions on a web site different from indexing very last pages on some another search engines.


Totally automatical designed softwares,Spiders, after coming inside your web site, they walk around between your all pages and collect necessary informations for recording on their databases. After that collection they produce some results for visitors when they search anything with keywords.

What for spiders pay attention ?

The meta-tags in your source codes are very important. In these codes you should have

- Title of  your web page
- Description of your web page
- Keywords of your web page

- Except Meta-Tags in all of your web pages you have to repeat some keywords with certain ranges.
- You must have all links to other pages in each pages. It necessary for getting indexed by spider easyly. The texts you use in links should be suitable with keywords for linked pages.
- You should have ALT texts for images used in your  web pages and these consist.some important keywords


What is Meta-Tag ?

These are just codes placed in the source codes of web sites, even the visitors cannot see them in exploring windows the spiders just look at them.

Search Engines

Search engines are the web sites which collect necessary informations between web pages around the worlds, index them in some rules and get listed if any visitors search anything using any keywords.

The meaning of being search engines search categories is you will be visited the %90 of visitors who search anything about your service and products. If optimization process have done on your website this ratio is enough for you. Because the most used search centers they are on the net. Except theme there are millions of link exchange sites and search machines pulling over results from big search engines on the net. The huge amount of them are faker and sex web sites. The submissio to these web sites will decrase your ratig in the real big search engines. 

Addition them there are thousands of web sites say that we are submitting your web pages to millions of search engines and selling some products for submittion. They du what they saying but that process,submitting millions of web pages, gives you damage more than gain.

There is an advantage remembering you, if your web site have not optimized for search engines you cannot get any profit submission to engines.


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